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06 August 2013 @ 05:03 pm
Joonmyun doesn’t stand a chance when Wufan pins him to the wall, his cry of pain quickly muffled by hungry lips covering his. The kiss is all tongue and teeth, harsh, brutal and Joonmyun loves every second of it. He loves watching, experiencing Wufan lose whatever inhibitions he has.

He shivers as Wufan presses impossibly closer until he can feel every inch of his tall frame. In his lust-filled haze, Joonmyun is amazed at how well their bodies fit together despite the height difference. If he had known just how perfect, how intoxicating this would be, he would’ve seduced the older male a long time ago, pushed his buttons until Wufan sees nothing but Joonmyun and want.

Joonmyun can’t stop a whimper when Wufan pulls back. He wants more more more. Before he can make any protest, Wufan growls. “Let’s take this to the bedroom.”

It’s hot. Every touch is burning right through his skin, his sanity. But he doesn’t want to stop, doesn’t want to think about the consequences. Joonmyun gasps as Wufan trails sloppy kisses down the column of his pale neck, walking them backwards to his bedroom. Their hands are everywhere, tugging at zippers, buttons.

Wufan is just about to stick a hand down Joonmyun’s pants when he feels the solid weight of the door hitting his back. Their lips are still attached, tongues battling fiercely and fuck they’ve been waiting for this for so long, the want is almost too much. Joonmyun pulls back to open the door and then Wufan is pushing them both into the room and onto his bed. Thank heavens, Luhan is out with Minseok so Wufan knows he can have his way with Joonmyun without being interrupted by his obnoxious roommate.

It takes them all of thirty seconds to strip naked and tumble onto the bed and god Wufan’s hands feel so good against his skin, around his cock. The way Joonmyun’s body is reacting to his touch is almost obscene, the pleasure drawing out sounds that he never knew he could make.

“You’re so beautiful like this.” Wufan whispers hotly, stroking his dick in a maddeningly slow pace. “I want to see come undone.”

“Wufan” Joonmyun pants as his mouth falls open, hands reaching for Wufan’ neck to pull him in for a heated kiss. “Fuck me. I want to feel you inside me. Please

Joonmyun is a writhing mess by the time Wufan reaches over the bedside table to grab a bottle of lube. Shifting back to worship his lover’s body, Wufan licks a pebbled nipple, eliciting a long moan from Joonmyun.

“Don’t stop” Joonmyun gasps, hands fisting Wufan' hair.

“I wasn’t planning to.” Wufan smirks as he opens the bottle cap. Joonmyun’s gaze never leaves Wufan’s even when he feels a hand caressing his tightening sac, the sensation making his breath hitch even more. He can see that Wufan is just as aroused, just as hard as he is. But he knows that Wufan is taking things slow despite the raging lust ripping through him just because this is their first time to go all the way.

“Let’s get you ready for me.” Wufan licks at Joonmyun’s mouth before coating his hand with lube and easing the tip of one finger into Joonmyun’s tight heat. They both groan at the contact. Pushing past the slick passage, Wufan continues to prepare his lover until Joonmyun is canting his hips to push down on his fingers.

“Please” Joonmyun begs. “I-I’m ready.”

Hooking his hands under Joonmyun’s thighs, Wufan presses his body over the younger male and into his tight core, hissing at the incredible heat and tightness engulfing him.

“Oh god…Fuck…” Joonmyun moans as his body takes in the intrusion. He feels Wufan tremble above him, strong arms supporting his weight as he waits for Joonmyun to adjust. The burn is almost too much but the want inside of him overpowers the pain. He nods his head, urging Wufan to rock forward and the sharpness turns to pleasure, rippling from his core and over his skin.

His senses go overdrive at their joining and Joonmyun can only hold on tight as the older male thrusts into him, panting with effort. “W-Wuf…”

Wufan hisses, straining to find the right angle that will make Joonmyun see stars. “Come on, baby. Let me see you lose it.”

“Ugh!” Joonmyun whines, his back arching when Wufan successfully hits his prostate, snapping his hips furiously. “Yes, yes, yes, fuck, there, oh god, yes!” He whimpers against Wufan’s neck, taking in the pleasure of being filled.

“Fuck, fuck, oh fuck-” Joonmyun shudders violently, unable to hold back from coming. His world explodes as his climax hits him like a force, reverberating throughout his body.

Barely recovering from his high, he basks at the feel of Wufan still pounding against him.

He can see Wufan chasing after his own completion and makes a sudden decision. Without warning, Joomyun pushes Wufan off him, sending him sprawling back first onto the sheets. Before the Chinese male can complain, Joonmyun musters enough strength to scramble on top of him and sinks down to take Wufan into his mouth, unmindful of his own cum dripping down his stomach.

“Shit!” Wufan curses, eyes closing as his lover sucks on his dick. Joonmyun moans, sending delicious vibrations around the hard length. He hasn’t had a lot of experience with blowjobs, but the thought that this is Wufan prompts him to relax his throat and take him in further.

The stimulation of his mouth is enough to send Wufan off the edge and Joonmyun moans as cum shoots down his throat. He struggles to swallow it all but droplets dribble down his chin indecently.

“God, you’re so amazing.” Wufan says weakly, reaching for Joonmyun with a blissed out expression. Joonmyun falls into his arms readily, crushing their lips together for a greedy kiss.

“We should’ve done this sooner.” Wufan murmurs into his mouth.

Joonmyun can’t help but agree.
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