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11 May 2013 @ 09:08 am
Ten Genre Meme (SuKai)  
A/N: Um....SuKai version. Everything is so random haha sorry orz. Still can't follow the 1-sentence rule. D: Might have dozens of typos idk.


1.) Angst: When Kai pushes Suho away, it’s not difficult to pretend that everything is fine. Joonmyun’s always been good at smiling through the toughest situations, hiding behind a mask of fake happiness. He simply lets Suho take the reins, grin in place and memorized answers at the ready.

It’s only inside the safety of his darkened room that Suho can turn back into Joonmyun and let out a sigh, a long breath to release some of the heaviness he feels.

When Joonmyun goes to bed, there are thoughts of ‘It’ll probably get better.’

But it never does.

2.) AU: Jongin absolutely hates it when copywriters think that they can just tell him to move around elements in his designs. He’s the agency’s art director extraordinaire for fuck’s sake. But Joonmyun smiles that stupidly enchanting smile of his and Jongin ends up dropping whatever he’s working on to cater to the senior copywriter’s requests. He can’t understand why Baekhyun, their obnoxious accounts manager, whispers “So whipped...” every time it happens.

3.) Crack/Humor: The rules of society dictate that you shouldn’t laugh at another person’s demise. But Joonmyun looks absolutely ridiculous trying to balance all the groceries he got for their weekly supply.

“Need help, gramps?” Jongin laughs as his leader glares at him weekly.

4.) Future Fic: Jongin watches him closely, taking in the new laugh lines on his face. It’s been four years since they’ve last seen each other. It hurts in a good way to see him now, nostalgia bubbling within him and threatening to spill over his heart. I’ve missed you, hyung he wants to say. But he’s afraid that his mouth might confess more than that.

5.) First Time: “I think you didn’t need to use that much lube.” Joonmyun comments offhandedly, eyeing the mess they’ve made on the bed.

6.) Fluff: Jongin doesn’t want to treat Joonmyun like a girlfriend. After all, he’s not really a girl. But it’s White Day and Joonmyun’s face lights up when Jongin hands him a box of chocolates.

7.) Gen: “But Loki is totally more awesome than Thor.” Joonmyun insists, brandishing the remote like a spear. Jongin scoffs at the older male, still trying to figure out how their conversation went in this direction when they’re watching Game of Thrones in the first place.

8.) Hurt: Joonmyun always has a mini-first aid kit inside his bag. He’ll tell people that he’s just trying to be safe than sorry. But everyone already knows that it’s for when Jongin’s waist acts up.

9.) Smut: Sex with Jongin is always an experience that Joonmyun looks forward. Mostly because he loves pain and Joonmyun loves to inflict it on him.

10.) UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension): “Just fuck me already.” Suho breathes out, grinding his hips against Kai and it feels so damn good. The younger laughs at his eagerness and presses a palm against his chest to keep him steady. “Not yet hyung. Not until you’re so wound up that you’ll be on your knees begging.”
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ilkhjoong: sullifaceilkhjoong on August 23rd, 2013 04:14 am (UTC)
1. broke my heart ;_; i felt so sad for joonmyun. idk, it's just the perfect amount of angst. how do u do it
2. clueless jongin who is whipped for joonmyun. lolololol
3. aww so cute. i can totally imagine this happening. v realistic
4. omg i love jongin pov. how he can't say anything for fear of letting out too much. i can't. too precious ♥
6. this.is.so.cute. i really like it ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
7. lol idk what they're talking about but i like the snippet that's revealed of their relationship
8. omg. poor jongin. i'm so glad he had joonmyun looking after him

these were short but i enjoyed them and didn't think their length was a negative thing. it made my sukai shipping heart v happy. thank you for writing! ♥
lessvocalslessvocals on August 23rd, 2013 06:33 am (UTC)
thanks for reading! ^^