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05 January 2014 @ 06:44 pm
Blossom In My Heart  
Title: Blossom In My Heart
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Kris/D.O
Summary: In which Kyungsoo tries to sort out his feelings for novelist Wu Yifan. Is this… love? (Junjou Romantica- AU)
Author's Note (Part 1)/WARNING: This is a sequel of sorts to A Flower Called ‘You’ so you might want to read that first. The usual word vomit ;u; Not beta-ed, VERY SELF-INDULGENT SORRY *A*

In which the story begins.

College student Do Kyungsoo places the dishes carefully on the dining table, eyeing the wall clock as it counts down to the final seconds until 7AM. The moment the seconds hand ticks on the number 12, a door bangs open, signalling that the master of the house is finally ready to emerge from his room.

It doesn’t take long before a tall man dressed in a crumpled suit walks out, an alpaca plushie tucked tightly under his arm. His name is Wu Yifan, an eccentric, award-winning novelist who also writes boys’ love novels under the pseudonym, Kris Wu.

“Good morning!” Kyungsoo greets cheerfully. “Did you finish your work?”

Yifan grumbles incoherently as he waves a stack of papers filled with neatly typed text. Kyungsoo notices the dark circles under his eyes and the heaviness in his limbs. Last night must have been rough, the younger man thinks. But he doesn’t worry because this has become a routine for them. Kyungsoo will wake up early and prepare breakfast before going to his university, Yifan will stay up all night to finish his manuscripts. But no matter how exhausted the older male is, he will always eat with Kyungsoo at exactly 7:00am.

They sit down and start digging into Kyungsoo’s homecooked meal. “When time does your class start?” Yifan asks, taking a bite of egg roll.

“8:30AM” Kyungsoo replies as he mentally pictures his class schedule.

“Alright, I’ll just shower and take you to school.” Kyungsoo’s university is only a fifteen minute walk from Yifan’s lavish penthouse but the writer still insists on driving Kyungsoo to school every time he has the chance.

When they finish eating, Yifan disappears into his room again to freshen up as Kyungsoo does the dishes. Months ago, when Kyungsoo had just moved in with Yifan, the chinese male had insisted that he could hire a housekeeper to do all the chores. But Kyungsoo stubbornly refused, arguing that he disliked asking others to serve and clean up after him. It didn’t take long for Yifan to give in, especially when he tasted Kyungsoo’s cooking for the first time. Looking back, Kyungsoo realizes how comfortable they’ve gotten around each other and how this place is starting to feel like home. As usual, he gets quite lost in his own thoughts that he doesn’t notice Yifan approaching him from behind.


He almost drops the plate he’s drying when he feels strong arms wrap around his shoulders, trapping him in Yifan’s warm embrace. Kyungsoo feels hot breath tickling his ear and fights not to blush. “Um...what are you doing?” the smaller boy squeaks, putting away the dish in his hands.

“I’m recharging.” Yifan answers like it explains everything. “I’ve been wanting to do this since last night but I needed to finish that stupid chapter before Luhan comes barging here today.”

That’s the only (questionable) warning Kyungsoo gets before he finds himself turned around and pinned between the kitchen counter and Yifan’s solid body. Startled, he looks up to see the dangerous glint in Yifan’s eyes and Kyungsoo blushes at their compromising position. “W-wait!” he protests, hands meeting chest to stop Yifan’s predatory advance on him. But it does nothing to stop the older male from swooping in for the kill, titling Kyungsoo’s chin to guide their lips together. Their faces are centimeters away when the doorbell rings, surprising them both. Yifan pauses long enough for Kyungsoo to slither out of his arms quickly, muttering “I’ll go get it...”

Kyungsoo doesn’t see the hurt and disappointment in Yifan’s face as he rushes to escape.

The walk from the kitchen to the front door isn’t enough to will away the pink in his cheeks. It’s not the first time that Yifan has made advances on Kyungsoo, the former being quite vocal about his attraction, always finding ways to get him into bed. But Kyungsoo isn’t sure if it’s just sex or if means something more. He likes Yifan, likes living with him despite his unusual tastes. But they have yet to put a label on their relationship (if it is even one). So he tries not to give in too much, tries not think about what they have and what feelings are involved.

Kyungsoo sighs as he checks the peephole to see who the visitor is. A fish-eyed version of Luhan, Yifan’s editor, greets him and he almost sags in relief. Luhan’s arrival means that Yifan will be preoccupied with his new book and Kyungsoo can slip out to go to school without being groped or french-kissed. Any form of physical contact with Yifan always leaves him breathless, a relentless fuzziness buzzing on his insides. He’s not sure if it’s a good thing or not.

“Soo-soo!” Luhan waves cheerily as he opens the door. “Is Yifan awake already?”

“Yeah, he’s in the kitchen.” Kyungsoo replies with a small smile.

“Great! We’ve got lots to work on today.” Luhan motions to his leather backpack that seems to be brimming with files. “Plus we need to attend this gala later ugh.” Kyungsoo giggles at his deflated expression.

“Well, you guys better get started then. I need to start preparing for school anyway.”

In twenty minutes, Kyungsoo is out the door after a quick goodbye to the already bickering duo. He tries to ignore the disappointment he feels when he realizes that Yifan didn’t even try to touch him again, practically ignoring him in favor of snapping at Luhan’s suggestions for his novel.

* * * * *

By the time Kyungsoo gets back from class, it’s already past his usual dinner time and he’s more than a little exhausted.

He punches the security code weakly, imagining the comfort of his feather bed and hypoallergenic pillows. He just wants to collapse on warm sheets and sleep the rest of the night away.

“I’m back.” Kyungsoo announces when he sees Yifan on the living room and oh. OH.

Yifan is wearing a tuxedo.

The write smiles at him tiredly and Kyungsoo can’t help but rake his eyes over the older male. Yifan has always been good-looking, dressed to the nines even if he’s just lounging around the house. But this is the first time Kyungsoo has ever seen him so made up, hair slicked back stylishly and suit tailored to fit his proportions perfectly. Just like his impression before, the student still thinks that Yifan could’ve been a great model with the elegant way he carried clothes.

“Kyungsoo, welcome home!” Luhan greets as he walks out from the kitchen. “Yifan and I were just about to leave for the event I was telling you about this morning.”

“Ah...” Kyungsoo nods, remembering what Luhan told him earlier today. The doe-eyed editor is also wearing a suit not unlike Wufan’s, discarding his usual dress shirts for a more formal attire and looking quite handsome in it.

“Oh, right!” Luhan exclaims, clapping his hands together. “I have something for you! I remembered how much you liked the cream puffs I brought before so I got you another box.” He points to a pink box on the coffee table and Kyungsoo can’t help but blush at the thoughtfulness. “T-thank you, Luhan-sshi. You didn’t have to.”

“Kyungsoo, we’ll be having dinner at the event. Can you eat dinner alone tonight?” Yifan asks with a slight frown on his face.

“Uh, yeah.” Kyungsoo nods his head, wondering why Yifan seems to be in a bad mood. However, he doesn’t have time to ask because Luhan is telling them that their ride is probably downstairs already.

“Well, we’ll be going then.” Yifan says curtly, moving towards the door.

“Jeez, Yifan. Your tie is crooked.” Luhan reaches out to fix it, grumbling softly how useless Yifan is and how he won’t be able to survive in this world without him.

Kyungsoo can only stare at them, wide-eyed and confused by how his chest is constricting, mind reeling at how wrong it feels to see someone else is touching Yifan, someone else taking care of him.



Get your hands off.

Don’t touch him.

The only one who can touch him is…


He snaps out of it.

Yifan is staring at him intently, concern evident in his tone. “Kyungsoo, is there anything wrong?”

“N-nothing.” Kyungsoo struggles to keep his voice from shaking. He can’t let Yifan notice how troubled he suddenly feels but Yifan notices. He always does.

The older male walks to him, long arms reaching out.

Touch me….

Like you always do….

His large hand hovers over Kyungsoo’s head. But he doesn’t come any closer, doesn’t pat Kyungsoo’s head like he’s done so many times before. Kyungsoo feels even more confused.


Why won’t you touch me?

Why do I want you to touch me?

“Yifan! Come on, we’re gonna be late!” Luhan calls out, standing outside with their things.

“Bye.” Yifan whispers, pulling back his hand and moving away from Kyungsoo. Somehow, in that moment, sadness replaces his confusion.

As Kyungsoo gazes at Yifan’s retreating back, he figures out why his heart pounded, why his insides churned, why he felt so irritated…

They looked good together. Yifan and Luhan.

Ah, when did you become so silly, Do Kyungsoo?

Overwhelmed by his realization, Kyungsoo sits on the couch, feeling weakened and helpless.

Is this……

……..what they call love?

“CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP” Kyungsoo shrieks, grabbing the first thing he can get his hands on and shoving his face onto it to scream out his frustrations. “I’m so lame! I was totally a love-sick fool just now! Why the hell am I so affected by everything he does?!”

He pulls back for air and oh…he’s holding Yifan’s shirt. He must’ve left it on the couch when he changed clothes for the event.


Don’t do it.


He lifts the shirt to his nose, inhaling the faint cologne that Yifan always wears. The scent makes his head feel light, prompting him to lie down on the soft cushions. Somehow, the familiar smell makes him feel warm and safe, as if Yifan’s presence is surrounding him.

The shirt is still on his face when sleep overcomes him.

Author's Note (Part 2): So....there's gonna be another part hahaha idek what I'm doing but yeah T___T
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fopsyche94fopsyche94 on January 5th, 2014 02:04 pm (UTC)
bless this fic, seriously.
what will happen next???
i read the first part long time ago, didn't expect it to have a continuation

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Karenbeoutiful on January 5th, 2014 05:39 pm (UTC)
go go power rangers! hee hee krisoo~
Yongieyongie on January 6th, 2014 12:14 am (UTC)
You gave me a heart attack, I thought it was going to end like this!! ;__;
Hope to read part 2 soon!
This was very lovely♥
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Oh I remember this...interesting
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I found your stories recently and let me tell you .....I'M IN LOVE WITH THEM ❤️....can't get enough of Krisoo T_T
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Awwww. Thank you for reading them!